X4 Delays: Which tool do I need to remove the underneath plate?


How do I change the DIP switch settings on my Flashback Triple Delay? I cannot find the thumb-screw on the underneath of the pedal to detach the plate like I do on my Hall Of Fame Reverb to change the DIP switches. Will this void any warranty?


To remove the bottom plate, you will need a #10 Torx driver. Removing this plate does not affect your warranty.

Just be careful when you remove the plate not to damage any circuits on the PCB. Avoid touching the PCB with your fingers or the screwdriver, as any damage wouldn't be covered by the product warranty.

This FAQ concerns all X4 delays:

  • Flashback Delay X4
  • Alter Ego X4
  • Flashback Triple Delay X4

Here a link to an FAQ where you will see how the pedal looks once the underneath plate is removed.

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