Clarity M: How can I connect my Clarity M?

What are the different ways I can connect my Clarity M?

There are 3 different ways the Clarity M can be connected:

1. USB: Please connect the USB directly to your computer, bypassing external USB Hubs.

2. AES/EBU: A SUB-D-15 breakout cable is included with the Clarity M for connection to external digital audio devices, as well as GPIO connection. To connect to an AES/EBU-based device, a BNC-to-XLR adapter will be necessary. For surround sound use, 3 adapters will be needed. We recommend the Neutrik NA2FBNC adapter for this purpose.

3. Optical S/PDIF: The Optical input on the Clarity M is a Stereo S/PDIF input. This input can NOT be used to connect to a device sending ADAT signal. 

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