FlashBack 2 – Why Is Mash Not Working On My Pedal?

FlashBack 2 – Why is mash not working on my new pedal? 
The default state for some TC pedals is to have the Mash function disabled. To enable Mash for these pedals you will need to connect your pedal to the Toneprint editor app.
First download the app for your computer from the following link;
Once downloaded and installed, connect your pedal directly to your computer using USB and then open the app. You should receive an onscreen message asking you to select a toneprint slot.
Select Toneprint Slot
Next we need to access the editor to activate Mash. To do this we need to select a template for our pedal. I would recommend selecting the ‘Templates’ option on the bottom left, and then select your pedal and then any template. In the Top right of the screen you should now see a Pencil Icon to access the Editor.
Entering the Editor
Go to Product Settings and Enable to Mash Switch and Mash should now function on your Pedal. If you push and hold the Foot Switch the Orange Mash LED should illuminate.

Enable Mash

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