G-Major settings in Marc Cooper Video


What are the settings used Marc Cooper (Coop de Ville) in the G-Major demo video ?


Here are the various custom settings used in the video.

For the Chorus settings:
Sub type       Clas.Cho
Cho Speed    0.122
Cho Depth    71%
Cho Tempo   ignored
Cho HiCut    15.8kHz
Cho Mix        50%
Cho Outlev    0dB

Coop also used a Reverb:
Sub type          Plate
Rev Decay       3.0s
Rev Predelay   20ms
Rev Shape      curved
Rev Size         Large
Rev HiCol      Crisp
Rev Hifact      8
Rev LoCol     Light
Rev Lofact     11
Rev Lo Lv      0dB
Rev Revlev     -4dB
Rev Diffus       0
Rev RoomLv  0dB
Rev Mix         17%
Rev Out Lev    0dB

Coop used 3 effects (Delay/Reverb/Pitch)

Dly1        512ms
Dly2        769ms
Tempo1   Ignored
Tempo2   Ignored
Dly FB1  55%
Dly FB2  63%
FBHcut   7.08 kHz
FBLcut    50.12 kHz
Pan1        50L
Pan2        50R
Mix          57%
Outlev       0dB

Subtype     Hall
Decay        4.1 s
Predelay     6 ms
Shape         Round
Size            Small
HiCol         Warm
Hifact         -2
LowCol      Round
Lowfact       9
Roomlv      -1 dB
Revlev        -9 dB
Diffus         12
Mix             22%
Outlev         0dB

Subtype       Detune
VoiceL         15%
VoiceR         -5%
DelayL         50 ms
DelayR         25 ms
Mix              50%
Outlev          0dB

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