MASTERING 6000 – How do I store my routing bank to my computer?

It is extremely easy to store your scene, routing and engine user banks to a computer. You will simply need to connect your Main Frame directly to your computer or to the same network hub/router as your computer using a Crossed Cat 5 cable, with RJ45 connectors. You will also need to download and connect to your frame through the Icon Desktop Application.

Please refer to the following Knowledge base article for more information on connecting and controlling your frame from the app;

Once you are connected, go to ‘Library > Bank’ menu, and select either Scene, Routing or Engine. From here you can now enter the file destination where you would like to save your settings by clicking ‘File Folder’. You must enter the exact File path, so I would recommend opening a File explorer (Windows) or a Finder (Mac) and going to the path, so you can then copy this across accurately. If the folder you want to save the file in does not exist, the Icon application will create this.

example of file path

Once the File path is entered, select the ‘From Bank’ option above the Left Menu and ‘To File’ on the right menu. This means that you will be copying the settings from your frame onto your computer. Once you are ready press the red ‘Copy Bank’ button and you will be prompted to enter a name for the file. Once entered, confirm the given name and that you want to save it to a file on disk. Once completed this will create a Sysex (.SYX) file in the file path.

Finding the file

To transfer settings back to your frame, follow the exact same process except select ‘From File’ on the left column and ‘To Bank’ on the right. This will indicate that you want to transfer the file from your computer back to the frame.

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