REVERB TWENTYFOUR - How do I set up the Icon?

Reverb TwentyFour can be used in a variety of configurations and set-ups.
However, as up to 8 TC production and broadcast processors in your system can
be controlled from a single computer running TC Icon software, even large and
complex set-ups are basically operated in the same manner.

You may set-up and operate your Reverb TwentyFour in a simple networking
environment – where you can connect a computer and one Reverb TwentyFour
directly using a standard Ethernet cable – or your system may be more complex,
involving several Reverb TwentyFour units and other TC devices.

Either way, you are operating a system based on TCP/IP – the same protocol
suite the Internet is built on. Accordingly, you need to follow basic networking
procedures when setting up your system.

It is most likely that a standard computer running the TC Icon software will
detect a Reverb TwentyFour “out of the box” without any problems. However,
if it doesn’t, there is most likely a subnet issue or an IP address conflict.

The subnet mask is a number that defines a “group” of computers
(or other devices) connected to a network. All units in this group must
have the same subnet mask.

The default subnet mask of each Reverb TwentyFour is
The TCP/IP address of each device connected to a network has to be unique.
An IP address consists of four decimal numbers (ranging from 0 to 255)
separated by dots, e.g.

The first three numbers (e.g. “192.168.1”) must be the same for each unit – but
the remaining number must be unique in the subnet, i.e. no two units in the
subnet can have the same last number.

The default IP address of each Reverb TwentyFour is 192.168.1.[nn],
…where [nn] is identical to the last two digits in the Reverb TwentyFour’s serial
number (you will find the serial number of Reverb TwentyFour on a label on
the rear side of the unit).

This way, multiple Reverb TwentyFours can be setup
directly out of the box without having to change their IP numbers.

If your computer is using the same IP address as a Reverb TwentyFour on the
same network, there will be a conflict, and you have two options to take care of it:
  • Change the last octet (last three numbers) of your computer’s IP address or.
  • Change the last octet of the Reverb TwentyFour’s IP address.

To find and change the TCP/IP address and the subnet mask on a computer running Windows:
  • Go to Control Panel / Network Connections / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Set the TCP/IP address.
  • Set the Subnet mask
  • To change the IP address of a Reverb TwentyFour you should:
  • Select the IP address parameter on the Net page shown above.
  • Enter the new IP address.
  • Confirm by clicking Enter.
  • To change the subnet mask:
  • Select the IP Subnet Mask parameter on the Net page shown above.
  • Enter the new subnet mask.
  • Confirm by clicking Enter.

Resetting the IP address

You may need to reset the IP address of the Reverb TwentyFour. This procedure is
done using the front panel RESET button.

If the serial number of a particular Reverb TwentyFour ends with “00”, the default
IP address for this device will be, as “00” is not a valid IP number in
all networks.

There is a small risk that two Reverb TwentyFours (or other TC signal processors)
on a network have the same last two digits in the serial number and thus will
result it a conflict after a reset. To resolve this issue, reset one Reverb TwentyFour
first and change its IP address before connecting the second Reverb TwentyFour.
To set up the Reverb TwentyFour you are required to have the following:
  • A Reverb TwentyFour.
  • A CAT5 Ethernet cable.
  • A computer equipped with an Ethernet adapter, running Microsoft Windows
  • or Mac OS X and the latest version of TC Icon software.
  • Connect the Reverb TwentyFour and your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Power up your computer and the Reverb TwentyFour.
  • If you have not already done so, download and install the latest version of
  • the TC Icon software editor onto your computer. (See page 5 for details)
  • Launch the TC Icon software on your computer.

You will see on the ICON software stating that there are currently no assigned devices
Please press “ASSIGN” to let the TC ICON automatically assign any detected devices.
Select the device you wish to access

Operating multiple computers and/or TC Icon devices in one network

In a more complex set-up with multiple TC Icon hardware remote controls and/
or several networked computers running TC Icon software, each of these TC Icon
units and computers can be used to connect to TC HD devices (System 6000 MKII,
Reverb TwentyFour, Loudness Pilot, UpCon) on this network.

If your set-up contains multiple TC HD devices, you should name these devices
unambiguously so you don’t accidentally edit the settings of the wrong device.

Scanning / rescanning a network for devices

The scenario described above covers the first time you boot up your system or
when no connected units are assigned.
You should scan the network again when you do any of the following:
  • You make changes to your set-up.
  • When devices are powered up or down, or.
  • If there are connection errors, these may not be detected immediately.
  • To scan a network for devices:
  • In the TC Icon software, go to Set-up/ Devices.
  • Click the Detect button.

That’s it – you are now ready to configure and operate your Reverb TwentyFour.


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