SYSTEM 6000 - What to Account for Before Instaling a AES-8 Card ?

Please be aware that if your Mainframe serial number is 285580 or above, you can install the AES-8 card yourself by performing the following steps:
  • The AES-8 card MUST be mounted in slot B AES-8
  • Switch off the unit and unplug the main power cord.
  • Remove the Slot B option plate or module by loosening the 2 screws.
  • Following this stage, you should set up the dip-switches on the AES-8 card, DIP1 should be off, DIP2 on, DIP3 off and DIP4 off.
  • Insert the card gently and mount the two screws.

Please be careful of static electricity, as all computer hardware can be sensitive to ESD, certain precautions must be taken to protect it from damage during storage or handling, non-mounted modules should always be stored in anti-static shield bags.

When it comes to handling, please be aware that when inserting or removing any modules, avoid touching the circuit board by handling only the rear panel of the module.

To minimize the static potentials that can cause damage to electronic circuits, please observe precautionary grounding techniques such as touching a grounded System 6000 Mainframe immediately before inserting modules.

When removing a module from a Mainframe, it should be mounted directly in another Mainframe or placed in an antistatic shield bag, please avoid touching any components on the PCB-Board.


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