Explaining Live Engineer (LE) Effects


I love the "Tone" button on my Harmony-G (XT), Synth, Create XT and Harmony-M. I noticed on the Correct (XT) / T1 pedal there are similar functions. What are the differences between the two?


The "Tone" button on Harmony-G (XT), Synth, Create (XT) and Harmony-M is a completely adaptive, live sound processor.

The unit will listen to your vocal sound and make adjustments for vocal proximity effect, boominess, level consistency and other things that a live engineer would normally do for you when one is available.

The "Shape" and "Compress" buttons on the Correct (XT) pedal work similarly, although you have the option of engaging one, the other, or both. "Shape" refers to a consistent, adaptive EQ curve, and "Compress" is a compressor that evens out the volume of a medium to loud vocal delivery.

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