Harmony-G XT: Why choose it?


What are the main reasons for choosing the Harmony-G XT pedal?


The main reasons why Harmony-G XT is so exciting, are: 

  • It has essentially a VoiceTone Correct inside. This is the adaptive EQ shape, and compression plus de-essing. This is really important as it smooths your vocal sound before you add any of the other harmony and ambient effects which also benefit. 
  • There's the guitar chord sensing type of harmony plus convenient fixed scale entry so you've got the best of both worlds. 
  • The guitar tuner.
  • Two voices of harmony are often times all you need for most songs. 
  • It has the doubling effect as an additional (3rd) voice. 
  • The fact that it has 10 presets is a plus! You really only need a few for performance and it's way easier to cycle through a few than a lot. 
  • The FX sound great and it's quite easy to use all of its features.

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