Harmony-M: Explaining the manual mode


Please explain the MANUAL mode in Harmony-M.


The MANUAL button disengages Harmony-M’s musical intelligence.

If you sing while the MANUAL button is lit, you can directly “play” four harmony voices as if they were a polyphonic keyboard part.Your harmonies will not move automatically in response to your sung melody as they do in normal operation, but you will be capable of unique and unusual harmony arrangements.

This method of harmony generation is also called “Notes” or “Vocoder” in other harmony products and it is most commonly used by commercial MIDI files.

If you want to use commercial MIDI files that have been authored with harmony control tracks, set the Manual button to on and ensure that the MIDI channels of your MIDI file and Harmony-M match.

The VOICE 1 and VOICE 2 buttons as well as their associated LEDs are disengaged in MANUAL mode because the notes you play on your keyboard determine what the harmony notes are.

You can store a preset with the MANUAL function active by holding the PRESET button.

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