Harmony-M: Latest software version


What is the latest version of Harmony-M?


The latest version of Harmony-M software is v1.1 build 18.

You can see what version your Harmony-M is by holding the Voice1 and Voice2 buttons while powering up the unit. The Preset display will show the build number as a single digit with a dot to signify 10+(number displayed). Newer versions from the factory will show 8 dot.

If you have any other version, you can upgrade to the latest version and gain the improvements listed below.

Improvements in Harmony-M v1.1 Build 18:

  • Chord detection speed improved by 60%
  • Bass Voice follows chords better
  • Exiting Bypass now done with tapping instead of holding On button
  • Harmony On/Off activates on footswitch press instead of release


You will need a computer, a MIDI sysex application and MIDI interface. There are free sysex applications available on the web by searching MIDI Ox (PC) or Sysex (Mac).

  • Download the sysex file attachment below to your computer.
  • Power up Harmony-M
  • Connect a MIDI cable between the MIDI Out of your interface to the MIDI In on Harmony-M.
  • Load the included sysex file into the sysex application.
  • We recommend MIDI-OX for the software update, please refer to this FAQ for the best settings.¬†
  • Send the sysex file. Harmony-M's Input LED (beside the Input control) will light during the dump.
  • After a short time, the sysex dump will complete and Harmony-M will automatically reset and restart with the new software.
  • Check the version as described above to confirm it is correct.


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