Harmony-M: Why choose it?


What are the main reasons for choosing Harmony-M?


Harmony-M was built for the singer who wants the highest quality and most interesting live vocal production possible. It puts a complete vocal production center into your hands including harmony singers that follow your singing and keyboard playing.

It’s also highly useful as a studio tool allowing the creation of background harmony and even guide parts for singers. Ease of use and convenience were of utmost importance in the design of Harmony-M. This allows singer/musicians to utilize all of its features quickly and easily.

Harmony-M presents a selection of professionally authored patches. When out-of-the-box sounds aren't enough, Harmony-M provides editing controls to customize the presets to your preference. Product information is updated regularly, so be sure to check our website for the latest news.


  • Adds one or two harmony voices that follow your MIDI keyboard playing.
  • Overdub-style vocal doubling feature adds richness to your lead voice.
  • High quality reverb and delay effects.
  • Part A/B switch to allow instant selection of your two favorite sounds.
  • Quick and easy tweaking and storage of presets.
  • XLR mic level input and output in stereo or mono. 
  • Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power.

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