HarmonyControl Guitar: Latest software version


What is the latest version of software for HarmonyControl Guitar?


You can check your software version number on HarmonyControl by holding both footswitches while you insert the power connector.

Once you see the *0 display, press the left footswitch then the right. You will see all of the leds on the product flashing and the number of your software on the numeric display. This should be 45.

If it is not, you can download the correct version below and send it to HarmonyControl via MIDI sys-ex. If you are not familiar with this procedure, you will need a computer running a sys-ex librarian program such as MIDI-OX on Windows or Sys-ex Librarian for the Mac. Your computer will also need a MIDI interface connected to your computer.

Follow the procedure below to upgrade the unit:

  1. Connect the MIDI OUT from your computer to the MIDI in of HarmonyControl.
  2. Connect power to the HarmonyControl.
  3. Send the Sysex file to HarmonyControl. The lights above the footswitches will change status while receiving the software.
  4. When the file has stopped sending, after approximately 10 seconds, the lights and numeric display on the unit will change status.

More details on the update procedure can be found here.

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