Is it possible to use battery power for my TCH device?


I do outdoor performances and would like to be able to power my Helicon device using a battery. Is this possible? 


Technically any 12v DC battery/supply that can provide the equivalent current as our included power adapter will work, provided it has a center-negative output wired like our power supply.   But for legal reasons we can’t recommend anything beyond using the power supply that came along with the product as it has been tested and meets all electrical requirements and government regulations as per FCC/UL/CE.  Please understand that using an alternate power supply like a battery could harm the device if connected incorrectly or has the wrong specifications – this would void your warranty in these situations.  We really can only recommend a power-inverter type setup that converts battery power to 110v operation to allow the use of our power supply for these reasons – while it may not be the most elegant or portable solution it is what we recommend.

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