MP-75 Microphone: Features in detail


Does the MP-75 microphone with Mic Control work as a regular dynamic microphone?


Yes, MP-75 microphone with Mic Control works as a regular dynamic microphone. The microphone will operate with any microphone pre-amplifier without the need for phantom power / +48V. However, to make use of the Mic Control feature the MP-75 must be plugged into a product that is able to receive the Mic Control messages and phantom power must be supplied.

More information on compatible products can be found, here.

Pressing the Mic Control switch with a product that does not respond to Mic Control will not disrupt the signal if phantom power is off. If phantom power is on, in some lower quality Mic Preamps, an artifact can be heard when the switch is played. This is easily corrected by not using the switch in this situation.

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