MP-75 Microphone: Mic Control with VoiceLive Touch


Can VoiceLive Touch be controlled by Mic Control?


Yes, VoiceLive Touch can be controlled by Mic Control. A firmware update will be required. Get the latest firmware using VoiceSupport

Learn how to enable Mic Control here.

To configure which parameter is controlled using Mic Control:

  1. PRESS and HOLD the switch on MP-75. Tap the SLIDER on VoiceLive Touch, then press any button that you want to control. 
  2. Release the MP-75 switch.

 The parameters you can control are: 

  • Any combination of the six effect blocks.
  • Any combination of the voicing buttons.
  • TALK button.
  • Single Button looper - by pressing RECORD or PLAY.
  • Toggle between FAVORITES by pressing any FAVORITE.

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