Mic Mechanic: Connecting to Roland AC-33, AC-60 etc.

One of our users asked how to connect a Mic Mechanic to the Roland AC-33 Battery Powered 2 Channel Amplifier. These instructions also apply to the AC-60 and other amplifiers with a Mic/Line/Aux channel. The basic steps apply to any PA.

Here are the steps we provided:

Pages 5-6 (AC-33) show how to connect your guitar and mic to the unit: http://www.rolandus.com/support/owners_manuals

On the Mic Mechanic, do the following:

  1. Connect power to the Mic Mechanic, using the supplied adapter.
  2. Connect your microphone, via XLR cable, to the Mic Mechanic.
  3. Sing at your normal volume while adjusting the Gain Knob on the side of the Mic Mechanic, until the LED lights green and sometimes yellow, never red.
  4. Your Mic Mechanic is now set up correctly for gain.
  5. Make sure the Tone button is lit and the Red LED in the center of the Mic Mechanic is ON, indicating that the effects are working.
  6. Connect a second XLR from the output on the Mic Mechanic to the XLR input (Mic/Line Channel) on your AC-33.
  7. Turn the Volume knob to ZERO and set the Bass and Treble controls in the middle.
  8. Flip the Anti-Feedback switch to OFF on the AC-33.
  9. VERY slowly raise the volume of the Mic/Line channel on the AC-33, while singing at your loudest. If you encounter feedback, turn things down slightly until the feedback disappears. That is the maximum level your mic can operate at. You’ll need to balance the guitar level to fit with your voice, not the other way around.
  10. Now, play around with the effects and correction on the Mic Mechanic.

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