Mic Mechanic: Distortion or Artifacts while Whistling

Thanks to our friends at Bonedo.de, who did a great German language review of Mic Mechanic, it was brought to our attention that some audio errors could occur when whistling into the unit.

We’ve since corrected the issue and have released a small firmware update.

In addition to the “whistling” issue, we’ve also set up the LED to turn Green when the unit is first powered up. Some customers told us it was difficult to know if the unit was operational during its boot-up period, so we added the LED to give visual notice that the unit has power and is booting up.

If you are not affected by the audio artifacts, you don’t whistle into your Mic Mechanic, this update will not affect the performance of your unit in any way.

We recommend updating your unit ONLY if you are experiencing issues with high frequency input causing artifacts.

The update is available via VoiceSupport

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