Perform-V: what is the pedal connector used for?


What is the pedal connector used for?


The pedal connector will allow you to control various aspects of Perform-V remote footswitch or 'Pedal'. In order to use this function you will require either  a Switch-3 or a Switch-6 . 

In order to correctly detect a Switch-3 or Switch-6, it must be connected to Perform-V on power up. If you change between Switch-3 and Switch-6, you must re-power the unit. 

Using Switch-3:

The default behavior for Switch-3 is to change presets according to the numbers on Switch-3.

  • Switch 1 = Select Preset 1
  • Switch 2 = Select Preset 2
  • Switch 3 = Select Preset 3

Using Switch-6:

Switch-6 acts in the same manner as Switch-3 but adds buttons 4, 5, and 6. The default controls for the three extra buttons are:

  • Switch 4 = Double effect on/off
  • Switch 5 = Reverb effect on/off
  • Switch 6 = Echo effect on/off

Reassigning footswitches:

You can reassign any of the Perform-V buttons to be activated by a footswitch, To assign a switch, press and hold the footswitch you want to reassign. Press the button on Perform-V that this footswitch should control. Release both buttons.

The following buttons are not assignable :

  • TRIM
  • +48V
  • Headphone Level
  • Lock/Mute (TALK is assignable)

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