Perform-VK/VE/VG won't connect on Windows

Question: My Perform-VK/VE/VG won't connect to VoiceSupport on Windows. I downloaded the DICE driver but it still won't work. What is wrong?

Answer: If you connected the Perform before installing the driver, then rebooted your PC, then the driver and Perform will not recognise each other when trying to connect. Do the following:
  • Unplug your Perform
  • Ensure 5-pin MIDI is disconnected from your Perform (VK and VE)
  • On your PC, go into your Device Manager, and Right-Click->Uninstall the TCH DICE USB Platform (If there are two drivers here like “Root”, uninstall both).
  • Reinstall the TCH DICE driver, and restart your PC when prompted. 
  • Once the computer has restarted, connect your Perform with the USB cable, and it should automatically connect to the driver. It will now show up in VoiceSupport. 

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