Phantom Power - Which voltage does my unit supply?


I have a TC-Helicon Vocal processor. Does it provide Phantom Power and how many volts does it run at?


Different units provide different Phantom Power. Here's a quick list:

  • VoiceLive 2 (and Extreme Edition): +48V (on/off via setup menu)
  • VoiceLive Rack: +48V (on/off via setup menu)
  • Voicelive Touch (and Touch 2): +48V (on/off via setup menu)
  • Voicelive Play (and Play GTX): +48V (on/off via setup menu)
  • VoiceTone Harmony G-XT: +48V (switchable)
  • VoiceTone Harmony M: +48V (switchable)
  • VoiceTone CreateXT: +48V (switchable)
  • VoiceTone Correct XT: +48V (switchable)
  • VoiceTone Synth: +48V (switchable)
  • VoiceTone C1: +24V (always on)
  • VoiceTone D1: +24V (always on)
  • VoiceTone E1: +24V (always on)
  • VoiceTone H1: +24V (always on)
  • VoiceTone R1: +24V (always on)
  • VoiceTone T1: +24V (always on)
  • VoiceTone X1 +24V (always on)
  • Mic Mechanic: +24V (always on)
  • Harmony Singer: +24V (always on)

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