Power supply for VoiceLive

Is it alright to power a VoiceLive with 18v ?

Not at all !

Do not try this at home ! Do not try this never and at anyplace, of course. The VoiceLive series works only with 12V DC power and various consumption regarding which models you use.

With less power, for instance 9VDC, you may have the risk that the unit does not work properly or does not work at all.

With more power than 12V, you take the risk to kill your precious device. At least, a burned out on the power section of the unit. It would be too bad...powersupply-burned_out.jpg

So be careful, always take a look at the information on the power supply AND on the unit itself, close the power jack input of the VoiceLive. Then, match the power, in Volts (V) and the intensity, in Ampère (A) with the unit and the power supply.

The power supply must be 12V DC and at least 0.4A depending which model you use :

- VoiceLive Play serial : 0.4 Amp consumption

- VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 1, 2, 3 serial : 1.0 Amp consumption

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