Products with universal power supplies


Do I have to change the input power from 100 Volts AC to 240 Volts AC (or vice versa) manually, or is my unit auto-sensing/auto-switching?


Yes, the units you see below have auto-sensing/auto-switching powersupplies. You just need to get the right AC plug for the country you're in.

HarmonyControl Guitar (discontinued)
Quintet (discontinued)
VoiceDoubler (discontinued)
VoiceLive (discontinued)
VoiceLive 2 / VoiceLive 2 Extreme Ed.
VoiceLive Touch
VoiceOne (discontinued)
VoicePro (discontinued)
VoiceTone Singles

VoiceTone C1
VoiceTone D1
VoiceTone E1
VoiceTone H1
VoiceTone R1
VoiceTone T1
VoiceTone X1

VoiceTone Create (discontinued)
VoiceTone Create XT
VoiceTone Double
VoiceTone Correct (discontinued)
VoiceTone Correct XT
VoiceTone Harmony-G (discontinued)
VoiceTone Harmony-G XT
VoiceTone Harmony-M
VoiceTone Synth
VoiceWorks Plus

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