Three button footswitch schematics for TC Helicon processors


How can I build my own custom footswitch for my TC-Helicon processor?


These are the schematics needed to create a 3 button footswitch for the following Helicon processors: 

  • VoicePrism
  • VoicePrismPlus
  • Quintet
  • VoiceWorks
  • VoiceOne.
  • Voiceworks Plus
  • Harmony-M
  • Create XT
  • VoiceDoubler
  • VoiceLive Touch
  • VoiceLive Touch 2
  • VoiceLive Play
  • VoiceLive Play GTX

Should you not want to build your own, we reccommend the Switch-3 by TC-Helicon.

  1. The switches are momentary, single pole single throw. While the button is pressed the switch is closed, when it is not pressed it is open.
  2. The circuit is shown below.


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