VoiceCraft: Latest software


Where can I find the latest software for the VoiceCraft card ?


The latest software version is available right here.

We have made several software improvements since V1.0:

  • The maximum delay time for the mono/stereo delays has been extended from 400/200ms (i.e. the same as the regular VoicePrism) to 2000/1000ms respectively.
  • A bug degrading the bandwidth of the voice modelling was found and fixed. When set to “flat” (all VM amounts set to 0), the Voice Modelling algorithm output should not sound noticeably different from the input anymore.
  • We have increased the latency control range: 20-10ms instead of 20-13ms, in order to make the VoicePrismPlus more comfortable to use in a live situation.
  • The VoiceModelling algorithms were improved to eliminate some artefacts that could be heard sparsely (pops at the end of notes when using pitch effects like vibrato).

Please find the new software attached below.

The zip file contains the different software files to upload, an installation procedure document, and a link to a MIDI utility application called MIDI-OX, which can be downloaded from here.

For more info on how to perform the software upload, also refer to the original VoiceCraft installation document attached to this answer.

Please refer to page 5 of the document: Option 2: Upgrade Procedure Using MIDI to Update Software

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