VoiceDoubler: Latest software version


Where can I find the latest software version for the VoiceDoubler ?


The latest VoiceDoubler is version 1.20 and it can be downloaded below.

Changes from 1.02 / 1.04 to 1.2:

To check the current software version on your VoiceDoubler, watch the display during power up. The current software version will be displayed at the beginning of the boot-up sequence.

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Added new presets based on input from live & studio sound engineers
  • Added editable control of Portamento
  • Added editable control of effect Gate
  • Fix to uMod width parameter
  • Fixed uMod phase invert parameter
  • Updated uMod Clone style'
  • Improved pitch detection 
  • Fixed a potential bad state condition

Note 1: If you have saved your own user presets, they will need to be dumped to external storage and then reloaded after the upgrade software is loaded. This can be done using the Vysor Editor for PC and Mac that is available for free from this page or using MIDI Sysex.

Note 2: There are new factory presets in version 1.2 and the original ones are overwritte. The original factory presets are available for download below.

How to update the software:

  • To upgrade you need a Windows or Mac computer with a compatible MIDI interface. 
  • Download the software for your system from the attachment below: 
  • Connect the MIDI OUT from your MIDI interface to the MIDI IN on VoiceDoubler. 
  • With the VoiceDoubler power cable connected, press the front panel "Power" button while press and holding the "Store" and
  • Bypass" button. The display should read: 'VoiceDoubler Firmware 1.06" 
  • Turn the data encoder until you see the screen: 'Downld DSP Code?'. Press the data encoder for enter. 
  • VoiceDoubler is now ready to receive the software via your MIDI interface. The screen will read: "Downloading code 000".

Windows and Mac users:

Save the .syx (SYSEX) file to your computer. Using a MIDI editor capable of handling SYSEX data, import the file and send it to VoiceDoubler. The process can take several minutes.

For a list of tested MIDI interfaces, please refer to this FAQ.

Manual addendum including preset descriptions.

The new software version.

These are MIDI versions of the original presets.

These are the original factory presets for loading into an editor.

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