VoiceDoubler: Original factory presets


I have VoiceDoubler 1.2 and want the factory presets from presets versions.


You can download the attachments below. The attachment contains sysex versions as well as editor versions of the VoiceDoubler version 1.0 to 1.05.

Using a MIDI interface send the sysex presets to your VoiceDoubler. The presets will be sent to your user directory or you can use the .sqs file to load into the editor software.

Please note: when sending the sysex presets to VoiceDoubler any user presets currently stored will be overwritten with the new preset. TC-Helicon always recommends backing up your product using a MIDI interface.

Windows and Mac users: Save the .syx (SYSEX) file to your computer. Using a MIDI editor capable of handling SYSEX data, import the file and send it to VoiceDoubler.

These are MIDI versions of the original presets.

These are the original factory presets for loading into an editor.

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