VoiceJam: Record Rerouting


What is record rerouting? (aka I want to make some cool transitions)


With copy and overdub, you might find it’s tough to transition to a new ‘base’ theme -- say to a completely new drum beat. The solution is record rerouting.

Record rerouting allows you to be playing from one loop (say your original drum beat) while recording to a new empty loop. This allows you to record a new phrase in time with your old, but to a separate loop.

Record Rerouting: To get into record rerouting, drag the record icon to one of the other loops. The record icon can then be pressed in its new location to enable and disable layer recording.
We also added a loop fading feature which makes it possible to fade out the old idea. Hold your finger on the playing loop to fade it out, leaving only the record rerouted loop. (Note: If you move your finger around while holding to fade, fading will happen much faster.)

One more thing you’ll eventually find very convenient: Press the centre orb to swap the rerouted record icon with the play icon. Finally drag the record icon back to the centre to leave record rerouting.

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