VoiceJam: SoundCloud sharing fails


I use an iPhone5 with the newest iOS and VoiceJam 1.260. I have a saved recording in VoiceJam that I want to share on my existing SoundCloud account, so I click "Share", select a photo as cover picture, enable Facebook- and Twittersharing and then I go to upload.

The upload bar doesn't move a bit and after 30 sec it says: "Uh, that went wrong!".

What is causing this?


The SoundCloud app seems to be the problem here.

If you first connect to the SoundCloud app on your smartphone you can register a new account, but it is not possible to upload the user details from VoiceJam.

So to solve this problem, you need to create a new account on the SoundCloud website with a PC or Mac first, after which you will get an activation link.

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