VoiceLive 3: Assigning a loop to a preset


How do I assign my pre-recorded loop slots to a preset for instant recall during a performance?


A loop slot and/or track can be assigned to any of the 6 foot-switches on the VoiceLive 3. 

In order to do this, you must go in to either the Vocal or Guitar menus and navigate with the arrows over to the Buttonmap tab. Then select the foot-switch to which you wish to assign a particular loop slot and roll the small black control knob on the left until the option says LOOP TRIGGER. Under the headings PARM1 and PARM2, you will then be able to select which number slot (1-10) and even which track (A, B, C, A&B, A&C) you wish to assign to the foot-switch.

Don't forget to hit STORE when you are done assigning loops, in order to save them to that preset!

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