VoiceLive 3 / Extreme: How to use the one button looper


How do I use the one button looper on the VL3 / Extreme


The one button looper works in the same way as all of our Ditto Looper products do. This is:

  • Record - Tap footswitch once. 
  • Switch to playback - Tap footswitch again. 
  • Undo/Redo last recording - Press and hold footswitch. 
  • Stop - Double-tap footswitch. 
  • Stop and delete the loop - Double-tap and hold footswitch. 
  • Resume playback - Tap footswitch again. 
  • Delete the loop - Press and hold footswitch(when Ditto Looper is disengaged).

The routing of the Vocal and guitar layers are always handled in the looper. When in the looper menu, select 'util->input', and then what you want to be recording in the looper.

To assigned the one button looper to a switch, I'll outline mapping to the step button, but it is the same for any switch. Select 'setup->footswitch->step button function', set this to one button looper.

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