VoiceLive 3 Extreme: USB recording is shorter than recording from analog outs


I recorded a performance using the VL3X's direct to USB and the analog outputs. When I aligned the tracks in my DAW, I noticed the USB recording is slightly shorter. What's the deal with that? 


Due to the nature of our internal crystal and the divisions we use to create our clock, we are not 100% accurate over time and are short roughly 1/20,000 samples due to rounding. This isn’t a “lost” sample in terms of audio missing, it’s just mathematically non-existent. It’s like the sample rate being 47.999KHz instead of 48K.

There’s nothing we can do to prevent this and you would only notice it if you compared analog and USB thumb drive recordings or in trying to sync a USB thumb drive recording to something like a long video.

The total amount of loss is roughly ¼ sec over 1 hour.

Simple time-stretching or re-sampling in a DAW should fix the issue if syncing externally and there won’t be any audible artifacts to worry about. 

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