VoiceLive 3: Is it possible to control an external device from VoiceLive 3 via MIDI?


I have an external MIDI compatible device (for instance a MIDI amp for my guitar). Is it possible to recall the amp presets when recalling an internal preset from VoiceLive 3?


Yes, this is possible. VoiceLive 3 sends a MIDI program change corresponding to its internal number when you recall it. The MIDI messages are sent on the channel set in CC Channel (MIDI menu from SETUP) 

It also send MIDI CC status corresponding to the effect blocks assigned to the 5 effect switches. If you don't want that you can set the CC Channel parameter in Setup/midi menu to OFF -

If CC channel is set to OFF, The MIDI Program changes only are sent on MIDI channel #1 per default.

The unit has no MIDI MAPPING OUT - So you need to program your receiving MIDI device to have the same number of preset that you are using in VoiceLive 3, with corresponding numbers.

If your receiving device has a limited number of programmable presets, you will need an external box to remap the MIDI PC sent by the Voicelive 3, i-e-  Midi Solutions Event Processor http://www.midisolutions.com/prodevp.htm. 

If you have an amp without MIDI, you might look at some external switchers such as RJM mini amp gizmo. They can switch your amp channels when receiving a MIDI program change for VoiceLive 3.

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