VoiceLive 3 / VoiceLive Touch 2 comparison


What are the differences between VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive Touch? 


The algorithms used in VoiceLive Touch 2 are identical to those used in VoiceLive 3?

The VoiceLife 3 is a floor based unit and is designed more with the singer/guitarist in mind, and therefore has greater range of guitar effects.
Additionally, the looper within the VoiceLive 3 offers the user the capability of storing loops in up to 10 different stops, each with three tracks, and an infinite amount of overdubs on these tracks. Storing loops is currently not possible with the VoiceLive Touch 2.

The VoiceLive Touch 2 suits a vocalist with its ability to be attached to a mic stand and therefore can be within arms-reach of a performer who is not overburdened by a guitar!

Please refer to the attached PDF below, which outlines the differences in features between the two products.

For further details please refer to our product comparison page.

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