VoiceLive: Can I share a single unit in a band with two singers?


Can I share a single VoiceLive in a band with two singers?


If you’re lucky enough to have more than one singer in a band, it’s neat to swap VoiceLive from one singer to the other depending on who is singing lead. Of course the best thing to do is purchase two VoiceLives but if budget is critical you can try the following.

You’ll need an A/B box and a mixer with insert jacks on the Mic channels. Connect the two mics from your singers’ mics to your mixer. Half insert cables into the insert jacks on the mic channels and connect them to the A and B inputs on your A/B box. Connect the single output of the A/B box to the line input of VoiceLive. The outputs of VoiceLive connect back to channel(s) on your mixer. Don’t forget to turn the Lead Dry parameter to Off in the IO-2 edit screen so you don’t combine the dry paths from your mic channels and the VoiceLive.

Now you can take turns being the the harmony singer with the A/B switch!

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