VoiceLive Rack: Guitar Thru Not Muting Output


When I plug the Guitar Thru into my VoiceLive Rack, the guitar signal is still present in the main output. What gives?


There's an error in the manual where we describe the operation of the Thru. In most of our other products, the guitar signal is muted in the main outputs when the Thru is connected.

In the case of the Rack, where its use-case is typically in a studio or other rack mount case, having to plug and unplug the Thru could be a significant effort. Instead of crawling around behind your gear in the studio, we put a Guitar Mute option in the Setup --> I/O menu. Setting this to ON will mute any guitar signal to your main outputs.

The dry guitar signal will always be passed to the THRU.

Use cases could be something like this:

  • Guitar input is connected to a patch bay in the control room, so a guitar player can plug straight into the Rack's instrument IN.
  • Guitar THRU is hardwired to your live room, where you can easily connect it to an amplifier.
  • In this case, you'd turn Guitar MUTE to ON in the Setup menu.
  • If, for example, an acoustic player was your next client and wanted to use the onboard guitar effects, you would turn Guitar MUTE to OFF and allow the effected guitar signal to come out the main outputs.

This setup follows the rules for Stereo/Mono/Dual-Mono output.

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