VoiceLive Rack: How to quickly find the right presets


Can I sort the presets by name or effect?


Press the WIZARD button to enter sorting mode. There, you can use the mix control knobs to sort presets.

The first knob, far left, controls ALPHABETICAL sorting. There are two modes, OFF and ALPHABETICAL. With ALPHABETICAL selected, any sorted presets will be shown alphabetically.

The remaining three knobs control filters for sorting your presets. You can choose a particular effect or effects and only presets containing that effect will be shown.

For example, you could select HARMONY BELOW, DOUBLE and AMBIENCE-LONG. This would filter only the presets containing those particular features. In this case there is one: TOE PLASTIC.

Changing just one filter, for example AMBIENCE-LONG to AMBIENCE-SHORT will give different results. In this case: LOWER & DOUBLE.

If you don't see any results, it means that there are no presets containing that particular combination of effects.

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