VoiceLive Touch 2: VOICES button does not display usual page (HIGH, HIGHER, etc.)


The start screen of the voices menu disappears every time I've been doing advanced editing on one of the voices from the "edit" menu. Why? 


The start menu for VOICES depends on the Harmony mode used when choosing a style. If you go in the EDIT menu and change the Harmony Style, then pressing VOICES button will show you different screens.

  • With regular styles (Natural play auto )  the matrix screen will show the options HIGH, HIGHER, OCT UP, etc..
  • With styles mentioning +7 or octave up/down, you will see the matrix values in semitones i.e. +12, UNI, -12, etc..
  • If you choose a style in NOTES mode, when pressing VOICES you will see an edit screen where you can adjust the following parameters on the fly: Level, transpose, Pan, Smooth, Gender and Porta. At the top of the screen you can see that you are in Notes mode. 

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