VoiceLive Touch: Setting it up to work with Garageband


I want to record via the VoiceLive Touch into Garageband - how do I do that?


This is how:

  1. Set VoiceLive Touch’s Setup menu parameter 6 USB : STEREO,
  2. Connect your mic, headphones and optionally an instrument to VoiceLive Touch and pick a preset you like,
  3. Set the input and output devices of your destination DAW track to the VoiceLive Touch:
    1. Set OUTPUT within GB - GarageBand > Preferences > Audio/Midi > Audio Output > VoiceLive Touch (monitor through headphones),
    2. Set INPUT within GB - GarageBand > Preferences > Audio/Midi > Audio Input > VoiceLive Touch (receive fully processed),
    3. Create a new audio track within GB (TRACK>New Track>Real Instrument Track).

Please notice:  If you can't get any signal input pls check "Input Source" within the Track Info pane/Real Instrument (should be set to Stereo 1/2 (Voice Live Touch)

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