VoiceLive Touch: Switch-3 control


What can Switch-3 control on VoiceLive Touch?


When the optional Switch-3 is added to VoiceLive Touch you have three footswitches to control your sound. There are six PEDAL styles selectable in the SETUP menu.

The styles are: 

  1. (Default): Harmony on/off | Favorite cycle | 1 button loop 
  2. 1 button loop | Stop | Undo/Redo 
  3. Talk | Bank cycle | Favorite cycle 
  4. Harmony on/off | Bank cycle | Favorite cycle 
  5. Harmony on/off | 10 preset increment* | 1 preset increment* 
  6. Talk | 10 preset increment* | 1 preset increment*

* When set to 10 or 1 preset increment, press and holding will make it decrement. Wait for time out to go back to increment.

In firmware version 1.2.00, there were more Switch3 assignments added, along with new controls for Latched/Momentary. Read about the firmware update HERE

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