VoiceLive Touch / VoiceLive Touch 2: Comparing the number of Harmony Voices


How many harmony voices do the VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive Touch 2 have? 


The product comparison page displays the VoiceLive Touch and the VoiceLive 2 as having eight and four voices respectively. Why less voices on an updated product model you may ask?

Well in fact both devices essentially have the same amount of voices and harmony options: in the original VoiceLive Touch the ability to 'double' the four voices within the Harmony block effectively gives the user eight voices, although only four different harmony intervals can be used at once of course.

In the VoiceLive Touch 2, the layout is a little different because the Double effect now occupies its very own block on the main interface. One again, four base voices can be doubled by activating this feature, thus giving the effect of eight harmony voices.

For further details regarding the differences between our two VoiceLive Touch models please refer to our product comparison page.

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