VoiceOne: Compared to VoicePrism / Plus


What is the advantage to owning VoiceOne over VoicePrism or VoicePrism Plus?


VoiceOne introduces FlexTime, Pitch Correction, voice-trained pitch recognition, Hybrid-Shifting as well as second generation VoiceModeling (VoicePrism Plus / VoiceCraft being the first Generation).

We think of VoiceOne as the ultimate voice processing tool with a multitude of useful applications for the studio and performing musician.

The VoicePrism / VoicePrism Plus is more suited to studios or performing musicians desiring a complete yet affordable vocal harmony solution right from the mic. pre to the onboard TC Electronic standard effects (compressor, EQ, reverb, etc…)

Please note: VoiceOne has neither harmonies nor built-in effects !

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