VoiceOne: Compared with other products on the market


How does the VoiceOne compare with similar products on the market?


VoiceOne is the key to outstanding vocal tracks. Having a VoiceOne for your vocals is like having the best pitch-shifting available. But in addition, VoiceOne also adds: 

  • Next-generation VoiceModelingTM – vibrato, inflections, breath, growl, resonance and spectral effects
  • FlexTimeTM - time manipulation algorithm.
  • HybridShiftTM – bringing together the power of two different shifting algorithms for a realistic sound.

Visit the VoiceOne productpage to learn more about the features of VoiceOne.

VoiceOne is not a multi-effects device – it is a dedicated tool for the human voice. We believe it to be the best-sounding, most-flexible, most-creative and most-advanced voice processor available.

Please note: The VoiceOne is now discontinued.

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