VoiceOne: How to add character to vocals


How can I add character to my vocals?


If you haven’t already run through the factory presets, it might be a good idea to do so. We suggest that you set up a looping clip of the dry vocal you wish to process, and then flip through the presets listening for something that catches your interest. Don’t be surprised if some presets seem to have no effect, as they may just be expecting MIDI input. If you find something close to what you’re looking for, great, otherwise jump to preset 100 (a blank template) as a starting point.

The five most obvious ways to add character with VoiceOne:

  • VIBRATO - Add Vibrato
  • SPECTRAL - Manipulate the Spectral Content
  • BREATH - Add Breath
  • GROWL - Add Growl
  • RESONANCE - Change the Resonant Characteristics

At first we suggest you try enabling only one of these effects at a time by clicking once on the associated voice modeling key until its light turns ON. If any other effect lights are on, toggle them off with a single click. Jump to editing mode by double clicking on the effect you’ve chosen.

Start from the first style in the effect, and gradually increase the amount parameter until you notice a difference or find the effect too extreme. At any time try an A-B comparison with the dry vocal by temporarily disabling the effect by clicking its key.

Go through the above procedure with each style in the effect and in the same fashion, move on to the other 4 effects listed above, gradually building up a feel for what each can do for you. Next try enabling multiple effects simultaneously.

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