VoiceOne: How to do harmonies


How can I get harmonies out of the box?


There are two obvious ways to use the VoiceOne for harmony generation.

The first is to send your dry vocal into the box, apply whatever harmony shifting methods you need, add character with any of the voice modeling effects, and then simply mix the dry and wet outputs.

VoiceOne also provides the ideal solution for multi-tracking your harmony lines in the studio.

We suggest that you build up an arsenal of unique “characters” that you can draw upon for your various projects by designing multiple presets. You could even save them under various pseudonyms to help you remember for future reference the style of each character.

Once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of configuring your multi-track system to send a dry vocal into the VoiceOne (S/PDIF might be a good choice to preserve 100% of the digital quality) while recording the wet output onto a parallel track. When that’s done, simply change presets and record another voice to a new parallel track.

You could keep doing this until you had a whole choir if you felt like it. Throw in a little bit of FlexTime doubling to taste and have some fun with it.

Depending on how much Flextime you are using, you may have to take into consideration the added delay of the VoiceOne. That’s just a matter of slipping your recorded tracks according to the latency you are dealing with.

The manual covers latency on the VoiceOne in greater detail. It is available from here.

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