VoiceOne: Latest software


What is the latest software for the VoiceOne?


The latest software for the VoiceOne is version 2.02

How to prepare the VoiceOne:

  • Power on while Pressing & holding "Arrow Up" and "I/O"
  • Scroll to "Down load DSP code" using the Dial.
  • Press the Enter key and start the down load from the PC.
  • Power Off/On and confirm that the software version is correct.

List of changes from version 1.06 to 2.02, Release date Oct 15th 2003

  • Vocoder VM - using Voice ModelingTM algorithms designed specifically for the human voice
  • Smoothing Algorithm - preserves pitch nuances during pitch shifting
  • Spectral Custom Styles - High, Mid Low control of Voice optimized EQ
  • Enhanced Pitch to MIDI parameters - including bend range and Input/Output pitch
  • Unity gain mode - for better level management
  • Larger Flex-Time buffer - for additional time-stretch or timing effects
  • New Latency Options
  • Upgraded Voice ModelingTM - cleaner results with resonance and growl blocks
  • Improved pitch detection - for enhanced pitch to MIDI performance, shifting and modeling
  • Pitch Correction - the amount parameter has been "humanized" for results even more natural than before


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