VoiceOne: Repitching vocals explained


What do you mean by re-pitching an existing Vocal?


The VoiceOne is capable of completely changing the melody of a vocal.

As a voice goes into the VoiceOne, it instantly analyzes the vocal’s ever-changing pitch using special voice-trained pitch recognition algorithms. As MIDI notes are received by the VoiceOne, it constantly compares the analyzed input pitch with the currently requested note pitch, and finally shifts the output to match.

Because MIDI input notes are quantized in pitch and time, the resulting output may sound unnatural (though sonically possibly quite interesting). If you desire, VoiceOne offers several naturalization features like portamento (for smoothing the pitch transitions), vibrato (for naturalizing sustained notes), as well as all of the other Voice Modeling effects.

VoiceOne also listens to MIDI Pitch Bend messages if you happen to have a keyboard or another means of remotely controlling the pitch.

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