VoiceOne: Using pitch correction live


I have a PA hire company, and some of my clients are asking for pitch correction on their live vocal. How can VoiceOne help?


To reduce the process delay for operation in a live setting, you can put the unit in PureShift mode, and adjust the latency in the I/O section. This way the process time is negligible, and you can use all of the DSP power to use Pitch Correction and Pitch Shifting on a live vocal.

At this point, you can correct pitch to a reference scale that you select (or create in Custom mode.) You can also set to correct to a chromatic scale, so that each note will correct to its nearest semi-tone. VoiceOne also responds to MIDI note information, so you can correct to a sequencer playing the notes of the vocal line into VoiceOne. Experimentation is the key to a setting that works with your situation.

Also note that the rear panel jacks are convenient XLR connectors that correspond to the inputs on most mixing consoles.

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