VoicePro: Aspects of a voice’s character that can be manipulated


What aspects of a voice’s character can I manipulate?


Using TC-Helicon’s 3rd generation Voice ModelingTM algorithms, the Character feature contains six manipulation blocks:

  1. Resonance: allows the formants of a voice to be altered far beyond what is available in competitive products.
  2. Spectral: a voice modeled EQ, provides filtering benefits not possible with traditional EQ.
  3. Inflection: Allows adjustment of the phrasing or emotion of a dialog track.
  4. Vibrato: for sound design, this block can add interesting vocal warbles.
  5. Breath: can transform a spoken voice into a ghostly whisper or add air.
  6. Growl: adds raspiness or “whisky and cigarettes” to the purest of voices.

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