VoicePro: Latest software


What is the latest software version for the VoicePro ?


The latest software for the VoicePro is version 1.25.

Changes from 1.24 to 1.25:

Fixed bug where input Voice and Auxillary channels swap.

Changes from 1.2 to 1.24:

Minor background bugs fixed.

Changes from 1.12 to 1.2:

To check the current software version on your VoicePro, watch go to the Utility > System TAB and the software version will be displayed.

Improvements & Fixes:

  • Increased factory and user bank sizes to 275 presets each.  (new factory presets 251 to 275);
  • Fix to chord table used for chord recognition.  There were several missing lines and this was causing certain chords (Esus and Esus7) to be interpreted incorrectly;
  • Fix to sample rate change on DSP, which was not properly updating the transducer noise power (50 or 60 Hz);
  • Portamento in the lead voice improved, now constantly updates the target pitch when note-off occurs during MIDI re-pitch so that there is no discontinuity when sliding back to the original pitch;
  • Applied a fix for better pitch detection of low-pitch signals;
  • Fix to adaptive low-cut filter which allows for more low-frequency content to pass;
  • Complete re-write of NARM->DSP communication scheme on both ends of the communication chain.  As a result, preset downloads are several times faster;
  • Applied a smooth cross-fading mechanism to the transducer to allow for smooth audio change when the routing option is changed.

Please note:

  1. User presets are preserved when software is updated;
  2. A new version of the Vyzor VoicePro editor can be downloaded from this page.

How to update the software:

  • A computer running Windows, with an ethernet port, is required for the update.
  • Download the software update below, and follow the instructions inside.


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